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For more serious offences, the Magistrate has the administrative function of Determining Whether there is sufficient evidence to place an acquired company on trial in a higher court. Where the Magistrate DETERMINE That there is evidence Insufficient They have a power 15 Minute Manifestation Reviews to DO_NOT_TRANSLATEDismiss the charge. Where howevera, the court DETERMINE That there is a prima facie case They must commit the acquired company to either the District or Supreme Court for the District Court trial.The DETERMINE more serious indictable charges Such as rape, armed robbery, Fraud and some drug Matters. Matters shall generally proceed to this Jurisdiction Following an administrative Consideration by a Magistrate in the lower court. This process is known as a committal Hearing and in some instance; means That there has been Already cross-examination Conducted on the Prosecution Witnesses.

There ^ the Magistrate Court, WHERE the Police prosecute Matters, charges in this Jurisdiction are prosecuted by the Director of Public Prosecutions. In some cases the DPP has a discretion to present an ex-officio indictment to Commence Proceedings. The Director May do this Even though a Magistrate has Previously Determined That there was Insufficient evidence to commit the accused.If a Matter proceed to a trial then the facts will be Determined by a Jury and the law by the Judge. 


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