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13.08.2012 Andrejostā atrasts ~5 g.v. foksterjers, puika ar kaklasiksnu

Pet species: dog
Number of pets: 1
Breed: Fox Terrier
Sex: male
Age: 4-8 years
Height category: medium (30 - 60 cm above ridge)
Hair type: smooth-haired
Color: white, brown
Locality: Latvia, Rīga un raj., Rīga
Owners name: Riga City Animal Shelter
Address: Līči, Stopiņu pag., Rīgas raj.

Advertisement ID: 48198
Posted: 2012-08-17 | updated: 2012-08-25 | deactivated: 2012-08-25
Announcement views: 3565
Previous pet status: Waiting for adoption

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